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If you are an ISP or a VAR looking for a plug-and-play, feature-rich Extranet, then we might meet your needs. Application Servers will provide great flexibility to your end-users and help you save on internal IT resources.

Gateway to the Corporation

Corporations have the duty to bring continuous and relevant information to their internal and external resources. As the web has been used to carry that information through Brochureware and Intranet sites, users are expecting more from their company. They expect some internal products or services to be ported to the web. These "Extranets" as they are called, may serve both company clients as well as company employees. These Application Servers become the intelligent gateway to the company resources.

While not every application should be accessible via the web and porting other internal services to the corporate Extranet requires an immense investment, some basic services can already be easily ported. Application Servers can already bring your company a complete suite of rich services to complete your corporate Extranet. There is no need to build special services or costly components, messaging, document storage, forums, favorites and file sharing are already available on our Application Servers.

With this in mind, users will have more incentive than ever to connect to your company's portal. Moving beyond a simple brochureware will bring your company more momentum and inspiration.

Small Companies

Small businesses can benefit from our hosting solution where upfront costs are small and maintenance fees at a minimum. Our solutions can be set-up for you in less than 24 hours with our low monthly fee. You will impress your clients with as Smart Hosting will give you an intelligent presence on the Net.

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